"I've been using my SomnoGuard AP daily for nearly 9 months now and it works great! A couple of months back, I even carried out a simple test to compare the following; 3 days sleeping with SomnoGuard AP and 3 days without SomnoGuard AP. The outcome was apparent. When I was not wearing the SomnoGuard to sleep, I felt so tired during the day that I could not do my work properly. However, when I slept with SomnoGuard AP, I felt fresh in the mornings and the rest of the days were good. I was able to go through the days without feeling tired and enjoyed doing my work at the office."

M.Goh | Age: 40+
Kuala Lumpur | 2009
  "My wife told me that my snoring was almost non-existent when I slept on my back. She also commented that I slept more soundly. I moved less on my bed throughout the night. When I woke up that first morning, I also felt more fresh and my mouth didn't feel so dry like before."

Abd. Halim | Age: 40+
Kuala Lumpur | 2009

  "That very night, I wore my SomnoGuard AP to sleep for the first time. On the following morning, I called Panmedic to tell them that I woke up feeling totally fresh. The device had indeed solved my snoring problem. I regretted that I had not known about it earlier. It would have solved my wife's worries about my sleep apnea and she could have avoided her many sleepless nights. Now, I use it every night."

Lee | Age: 40+
Kuala Lumpur | 2009

  "I have used SomnoGuard AP for a week. I am happy to use it. Although I am still in the process of getting used to having something in my mouth while I sleep, I believe I am already benefiting from the device. I feel less tired during the day when compared to before I got the SomnoGuard device."

Ng | Age: 40+
Puchong | 2009.
  "My experience with the product was as follows:
1. After 2 days of wearing SomnoGuard AP there was no more discomfort.
2. According to my wife, heavy snoring has been substantially reduced, if it ever happens.
3. Most importantly, the temporary arrest of breathing which I considered as the main reason for trying SomnoGuard AP has been stopped."

Dr. B. Romahn | Age: 50+
Petaling Jaya | 2009.
"The SomnoGuard helped me to reduce my snoring problem. Although a bit unusual at first, SomnoGuard AP was easy to use and became a routine before bedtime. Ultimately, my snoring no longer disturbs my wife and son from a good night sleep."

N.A. Kari | Age: 30+
Kuala Lumpur | 2009
  "Thank you very much for introducing and helping me out with the usage of SomnoGuard AP. After using it for a few nights, I realized that I am having quality sleeps and I do not doze off while driving to my office in the morning."

Mohd Nasir | Age: 60+
Selangor | 2010
  "I bought my SomnoGuard device more than 2 years ago. Since using it, I noticed there is a reduction in the volume of snoring, although it is not totally eliminated. I use it every night without fail."

Richard Chan | Age: 30+
Singapore | 2010
  "I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago and have tried various solutions.

Fortunately, I came across a newspaper article on SomnoGuard AP. I decided to give it a try.

Today, without any doubt I have used SomnoGuard AP for nearly 3 years and it has changed my life for the better. Thank you SomnoGuard AP for the good sleep I now enjoy and an overall better quality of life."

Frank Chan | Age: 40+
Petaling Jaya | 2010
  "I first bought the SomnoGuard AP in 2007 and since then it has helped me to have a restful sleep. With less snoring, I don’t disturb my wife any longer. I feel much refreshed after a good night’s sleep while wearing my SomnoGuard AP to bed.

I had recommended SomnoGuard AP to my brother-in-law and it has also helped him to sleep better. Now wherever I go, I will bring along my SomnoGuard AP so that I can always have a good night’s sleep.

Whenever my SomnoGuard AP needs replacing (after 2 years), I will never hesitate to change it because quality sleep every night is important to me."

H.L. Tan | Age: 30+
Kuala Lumpur | 2010
  "I have been using SomnoGuard AP since 2008. I found it very effective for solving my problems caused by sleep apnea. My wife is also sleeping much better now. She is happier knowing that I am sleeping well nightly and my general health has improved. I am back to Panmedic to buy my second SomnoGuard AP.

I would like to say also that Panmedic is providing an excellent service by offering to fit the SomnoGuard AP for its users. This shows us that the company is serious about their business. They are also committed in ensuring their product is working comfortably for their buyers before they leave their office. Undoubtedly, all of these add value and are appreciated by users. "

M. Lee | 50+
Petaling Jaya | 2010
  "I have been a SomnoGuard AP user since 2007 and it has solved my snoring and sleep apnea problems from day one. In 2009, I wondered if I had missed something by not using a CPAP machine. So, I bought one, the latest, smallest model available at the time, and used it with my SomnoGuard AP. However, after a few months, I decided to store the CPAP machine away permanently and used my SomnoGuard AP only because:

1. The CPAP machine improved my mental freshness insignificantly compared to when I was using my SomnoGuard AP, and only if I could use the machine smoothly without problems on the night before.

2. Quite often, it woke me up in the middle of my sleep due to the following reasons:

a. The silicone part of my full-face-mask tend to pick up oil from my face during sleep. The mask then became slippery and moved. It often leaked. As a result, I was not able to get the full effects from the machine. My sleep was also disturbed when I woke up to adjust the mask back to position.

b. Another disturbance came from the long and fat plastic hose that connected the mask to the machine. It often touched my face and disturbed my sleep when I turned my head on the pillow.

2. CPAP machines work by introducing positive pressured air into lungs continuously and raising the pressure level when it senses an attack of sleep apnea. However, much of the air is pushed out of the mask. The air unfortunately disturbed my wife, more significantly when it hit her face. She would wake up and that disturbed her sleep a lot. Therefore, instead of my wife being happy with less noise from me, she was unhappy. In addition, she was worried about the risk of her health being damaged in the long run by her disturbed sleep. So was I.

3. Having said it, the machine was really not quiet. There was a constant low level sound and the air that was blown out from my mask was not silent too.

4. Awared that the mask could become infected if not cleaned properly, I followed the manufacturer's advice carefully. Every morning, I painstakingly disassembled the mask into 12 smaller parts, cleaned and then air dried them. Prior to sleeping, I gently assembled back all the parts. Each process took a substantial amount of time. Therefore, cleaning of the mask was time consuming. It was too inconvenient to do it when travelling.

5. Then, periodically, I was required to clean the long, fat plastic hose. That, too, was not easy. I particularly disliked the process of cleaning it in my long bath which was the only place where I could do it well because of its length.

6. Furthermore, when I travelled overseas, I had an extra baggage to carry. Since the machine could be damaged if dropped, I experienced inconveniences when taking special care of it.

7. Next, I had to look for tabletop space in the room to place the machine. What's more important after that was for me to locate a power socket nearby the bed. It had caused me to experience some anxious moments when doing that.

8. Lastly, when sleeping, I had to hope that the electricity supply for the room would not be disconnected for any reason. If it were to happen, there would be no way I could use the CPAP machine after that. My next day would be disappointingly spoilt.

M.T.Yap | 60+
Kuala Lumpur | 2011
  "For the last 3 years, I've forgotten what a good sleep feels like until I was introduced to SomnoGuard AP. SomnoGuard is god-sent. Not just it reduces my snoring to allow me regain my quality sleep, it also helps save my marriage. And with the helpful people at Panmedic, especially Rendolf, the experience is even sweeter."

M.Zaly | 30+
Kuala Lumpur | 2012
  "SomnoGuard AP worked wonderfully on my first night of usage. Though I am having a rather abnormal lower jaw which is set inwards significantly, there was no problem using the SomnoGuard AP for the whole night.

I also have a chronic nasal condition. My nose tends to be blocked all the time. As such, I have to drink a lot of water at night. With SomnoGuard AP, I drank only a sip of water on my first night and I managed to sleep without any dry mouth. My breathing was easy without the usual blockage and snoring.

Because of my severely blocked nose, my head always felt "congested". By using SomnoGuard AP last night, I was able to breathe freely through my nose and it cleared the "congestion" of my head. It gave me a lovely night sleep.

Thanks to SomnoGuard AP; besides helping my sleep apnea, it was able to help my blocked nose and the "congestion" of my head which had caused me to sleep restlessly every night in the past.

Again, SomnoGuard AP has given me a chance to be able to finally have a wonderful sleep at night. Thanks to all at Panmedic."

Mdm S.C. Yap | 50+
Singapore | 2012
  "I am a 53 year-old suffering from sleep apnea accompanied by heavy snoring, for a number of years. I have tried a number of devices from the market place but without much success.

While doing some research on the problem, I came across “Somnoguard AP” and was pleasantly surprised to find it available in Malaysia. Initially, I had my doubts but nevertheless, after much prompting from the wife, decided to try it out. I am so glad that I did as the process was easy – I have now been using it for 2 years and I get much more restful sleep and as a result, feel more energetic throughout the day. It has certainly helped and I would strongly recommend it!!"

David Chui | 50+
Kuala Lumpur | 2013


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