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Celebrities with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)...

It is always very reassuring to find people who have accomplished great things even though they were suffering from the same condition as you.

Johannes Brahms-great classical composer of the 19th century, known for very complex cross rhythms and a mix of traditional and progressive elements as well as elements from folk music. Composed in all forms besides opera. Considered as one of the 3 B's along with Bach and Beethoven. A recent study was concluded stating he probably had OSA much of his life.

William Howard Taft-27th president of the United States, great trust buster, established a better postal system, among other things. Evidence suggests he had severe OSA during his presidency.

Jerry Garcia-the influential guitarist from the Grateful Dead, had apnea most of his adult life. It was what caused his death.

Anne Rice-famous for her Vampire Chronicles books (both movies "Queen of the Damned" and "Interview with the vampire" were from this book). Apnea was weight related and she probably only had it a short time, when she gained a lot of weight after her husband's death.

George Kennedy-Acadamy award winning actor, who was in many movies including "Cool Hand Luke", "Airport", and the "Naked Gun" trilogy.

Billy Connolly-Actor, ("The Last Samurai", "Lemony Snicket's series of unfortunate events" among many others including voice work for animated films), Stand up comedian (considered one of the all time greats), and folk musician.

Reggie White-NFL hall of fame football player, had all time NFL sacks record for a while. Death attributed to apnea.

Jason Rutcofsky-Part of the musical collective "Bomb the Music Industry!"

William Tarmey-English actor and singer best known for the his role in the soap opera, "Coronation Street"

William Shatner-Actor most famous for playing captain kirk on the original star trek. Now is on the series "Boston Legal". He is also a best selling author, producer, director, and musician

Johnny Grunge-Professional wrestler

Rosie O'Donnell-actress, once had a talk show

Well not all of the above mentioned people, may be considered truly "great" although some will definitely be forever etched in history...for example Brahms is still played in concert halls and by classical musicians everywhere and is considered one of the greatest all time, and Taft is studied in every U.S. history class.

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